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Die Seite Online University Reviews hat eine Liste von 100 Blogs zum Thema Psychologie und Psychiatrie zusammengestellt (Stand September 2008).

Top 100 Mental Health and Psychology Blogs

Whether you work in the field of mental health or are simply interested in the subject, keeping abreast of the news, opinions and commentary within the online blogging community can be overwhelming. There are literally thousands of blogs that focus on mental health, running the gamut both in terms of focus as well as in quality.

Although it was difficult to narrow thousands of noteworthy resources down to the top 100, below is a categorized list of what we feel are the most popular, informative and/or unique mental health and psychology blogs on the Web. While any list of this kind is subject to oversights and omissions, it is our hope that with these top 100 sites you will find an excellent resource from which to educate yourself on mental health and psychology issues.

General Psychology

Some psychology blogs focus on more narrow sub-topics. However, the blogs listed below cover many issues across the board.

  1. Advances in the History of Psychology - This blog offers notes on the discipline of psychology, as well as relevant resources.
  2. All in the Mind - Natasha Mitchell, a science/health journalist, writes this blog about life and beyond through the mind's eye.
  3. Beyond Vermont State Hospital - This is a group blog about mental health matters related to the Vermont State Hospital and beyond.
  4. Brains - Brains is a blog that opens philosophical discussions on the mind.
  5. Channel N - Sandra Kiume offers various videos on this blog that are related to brain science.
  6. Dr. X's Free Associations - This blog is written by a a psychoanalytically-oriented clinical psychologist. Here, "Dr. X" offers thoughts on psychology, as well as the odd vintage photo here and there.
  7. eHarmony Labs - Here, the popular dating site offers notes on the psychology behind human relationships. This is actually an interesting read, whether you are looking for a significant other or are merely interested in psychology.
  8. Furious Seasons - Here, a long-term psych patient offers a critical and first-hand account of the modern mental health industry.
  9. Health Psych - Written by a psychologist in Sydney, this blog covers many topical mental health and general health issues. This blogger is a natural writer and offers tinges of humor where appropriate.
  10. Just Noticeable Differences - Written by a psychologist and scientist, this blog covers a wide range of topics. From mental health to politics, this is an insightful resource for those interested in psychology.
  11. Laura's Psychology Blog - Laura Freberg, a Professor of Psychology at California Polytechnic State University, writes this fun blog about interesting news related to psychology.
  12. Mind Hacks - This is a group blog on psychology and neuroscience written by experts in the field. Mind Hacks is also the name of a book by Matt Webb and Tom Stafford, who contribute to this blog.
  13. Providentia - Learn more about psychology across the globe from this psychologist and disaster management volunteer with the Red Cross. This is an eye-opening blog indeed.
  14. PsyBlog - Stay current on the latest in psychology news and research on this blog, written by Jeremy Dean. This is an invaluable resource and one of the most popular general psychology blogs.
  15. Psychological Perspectives - Here, Dr. Deborah Serani offers her perspective on a variety of psychological topics.
  16. Psychology Today Blogs - Here, the noted experts who write for Psychology Today offer a fascinating assortment of blog entries. A group blog, the topics are varied and always topical.
  17. Research Digest Blog - From the British Psychology Society comes this blog on the latest psychology research and gossip.
  18. The Situtationist - Although this blog is considered to be focused specifically on social psychology, the topics are varied and this site should appeal to anyone looking for a general look at psychology in the modern world.
  19. World of Psychology - This is the blog found at PsychCentral, one of the most popular and informative psychology sites on the Web.

Cognitive Psychology

This branch of psychology focuses on the thought processes and human intelligence. Below are some blogs that just might increase your intelligence.

  1. Cognition and Language Lab - A unique blog that operates as an online lab, this site runs experiments through the Web testing human reasoning, particularly in the domain of language.
  2. Cognitive Daily - This informative blog offers almost daily articles about developments within the field of cognitive psychology.
  3. CogSci Librarian - A blog written by Stephanie Willen Brown, this site offers notes on popular news stories about cognitive science.
  4. Half Full: Science for Raising Happy Kids - Here, you learn about how to foster good mental health from the very beginning. The blog offers topical parenting advice, as well as commentary on the latest research findings related to child psychology.
  5. IQ's Corner - Learn more about human intelligence on this blog, a fascinating look at the nonlinear world of human cognitive abilities.
  6. In the Room - Chris Allan writes this blog. He is a clinical psychologist and Director of the Psychology Clinic at the University of Wollongong.
  7. Mixing Memory - This excellent blog is anonymously written by Chris, a cognitive scientist who specializes in higher-order cognition.

Forensic Psychology

Psychology, as it relates to crime, is a hot button topic on the blogs below.

  1. All About Forensic Psychology - David Webb is a noted expert in forensic psychology. Here, he offers his thoughts on related topics.
  2. Deception Blog - This fascinating blog delves into the psychology behind deception.
  3. In the News - Blogger Karen Franklin is a forensic psychologist in Northern California. Here, she offers commentary on the latest news pertaining to forensic psychology, criminology and psychology-law.
  4. Neuroethics & Law Blog - Written by Professor Adam Kolber of Princeton University, this fascinating blog takes a look at legal and ethical issues related to the mind and brain.
  5. Psychology and Crime News - This important blog collects the details of scholarly research on forensic psychology.
  6. Postcards from the Id - Here, you will read about the "lighter" side of clinical and forensic psychology. This blog is as thought-provoking as it is amusing.
  7. Terrorism Research News - This blog delves into social and behavioral research on terrorism and responses to terrorism. It is both topical and fascinating.


The following blogs concern the study of psychiatry and offer viewpoints from practicing doctors, as well as patients.

  1. The Carlat Psychiatry Blog - This is one doctor's thoughts on the current state of the health industry, particularly where medical education is concerned.
  2. Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look - Here, a blogger offers a critical look at psychiatric medications, science, marketing, psychiatry in general, and occasionally clinical psychology.
  3. Frontier Psychiatrist - Here, a London psychiatrist anonymously blogs about interesting subjects. This offers a fly-on-the-wall perspective of modern psychiatry.
  4. The Last Psychiatrist - Updated every Thursday and Friday, this blog is written by an academic psychiatrist specializing in forensics. It is topical, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial.
  5. Peter H. Donnelly's Mental Health Blog - Here is someone with a difference of opinion where psychiatry is concerned. An anti-psychiatry campaigner in the UK writes the blog and no matter what your stance is on the subject, the site should stir some topical debate.
  6. The Psychiatrist Blog - A popular blog on mental health, it is written by Dr. Michelle Tempest, a psychiatrist and editor of The Future of NHS. Here, she discusses psychiatry, politics and more.
  7. Shrink Rap - This is one of the most popular mental health blogs on the Web. Written by three "shrinks," it is intended for an audience of fellow psychiatrists.


These blogs deal with the study of the brain and nervous system, which is directly related to mental health.

  1. Action Potential - This group blog discusses what is new and exciting in the field of neuroscience.
  2. Brain Blogger - This is a well-researched and fascinating blog that reviews the latest news and stories related to neuroscience, psychiatry, and neurology.
  3. BrainBlog - Author Anthony Risser, Ph.D. is a consulting neuropsychologist who covers news about our knowledge of the brain and behavior.
  4. Brainethics - This blog is about the consequences of neuroscience, as well as what it is like to be a thinking human.
  5. Developing Intelligence - Chris Chatham updates this blog throughout the week, with topics including developmental and computational cognitive neuroscience, comparative psychology, psychometrics, and artificial intelligence.
  6. The Frontal Cortex - Jonah Lehrer, the editor of Seed Magazine, writes this neuroscience blog. A Rhodes scholar, Lehrer graduated from Columbia University in 2003 with a degree in neuroscience and spent the next two years studying 20th Century Literature and Theology at Oxford University.
  7. Neuroanthropology - This is a fascinating group blog that concerns neuroscience, anthropology and how the two meet in the middle.
  8. The Neurocritic - Here, the author deconstructs the most startling recent findings in human brain imaging, cognitive neuroscience and psychopharmacology.
  9. Neurological Correlates - The neuroscience of dysfunctional behavior is presented on this blog. From psychosis to obesity, learn more about the science behind a host of mental illnesses.
  10. Neuromarketing - This is a unique blog that discusses where marketing and brain science meet. It is written by Roger Dooley, president of Dooley Direct, LLC.
  11. Neurophilosophy - The author of this blog is studying for a Masters in neuroscience at UCL. It concerns "molecules, minds and everything in between."
  12. Neurotopia - This anonymous blog is written by "Evil Monkey," a self-described wayward neuroscientist. If you like your neuroscience mixed with humor, this is the blog for you.
  13. Of Two Minds - Shelley Batts and Steve Higgins collaborate on this neuroscience blog. The site was born after the respective bloggers combined their former sites, Retrospectacle and Omni Brain.
  14. The Phineas Gage Fan Club - Although the blogger is currently on a little break, this hilarious and often poignant blog covers a wide range of topics related to neuroscience. Entries dates back to 2006 and the archives are well worth a peek.
  15. The Thinking Meat Project - What does it mean to be a piece of thinking meat (i.e., human)? This interesting and dense blog on neuroscience will get those synapses firing.


The blogs below discuss the psychology and behaviors of those struggling with addiction. Some may also offer advice for those looking to break free of an unhealthy habit.

  1. Addiction Blog - Addiction Blog offers an intelligent resource for news about the trends and discoveries in the treatment of addiction.
  2. Addiction and Recovery - The commentary found on this blog relates to drug and alcohol addiction, treatment and recovery.
  3. blognonymous! - This blog offers news, research and tips on addiction recovery through a 12-step program. Updated regularly, this blog could be a great resource for those in need.
  4. Hazeldon - Thought for the Day - Those in recovery should find this blog from Hazeldon most enlightening. Each day offers new affirmations and meditations.
  5. Rehab Survival Guide - This blog offers diverse perspectives on drug and alcohol addiction, laced with some much-needed levity at times.


Anxiety disorders affect millions of people every day. The blogs below focus on the causes of and treatments for anxiety.

  1. Anxiety Insights - Topics on this blog include anxiety, OCD, panic attacks and phobias. Insights are provided on related news and treatments.
  2. The Reality of Anxiety - This is a popular blog on anxiety and panic disorders. Aimee, the author, suffers from social anxiety and chronicles her journey here.
  3. We Worry: A Blog for the Anxious - We Worry is a group blog dedicated to helping those who suffer from chronic anxiety, stress, panic attacks, and depression.


More people are being diagnosed with autism than ever before, making the following blogs topical and useful.

  1. About Autism - Lisa Jo Rudy is the About.com guide to autism. She is a professional writer, researcher and consultant with nearly 20 years of experience in the field of science education and science writing.
  2. Adventures in Autism - Author Ginger Taylor is a family therapist who is currently focused on one patient, her autistic son Chandler.
  3. Asperger's Conversations - Asperger's is a form of autism that has been studied at length by blogger Larry Welkowitz, Ph.D. Here, Dr. Welkowitz offers weekly audio posts on the topic.
  4. Autism Blog - Julie Lorenzen is the mother of an autistic child. She hopes to help educate the public by sharing her experiences, as well as news related to autism.
  5. Autism Blogger - Here, people are allowed to blog on this group site in order to share their experiences with autism. This is a fascinating and informative group blog.
  6. Autism Research Blog: Translating Autism - Here, autism research is demystified. Learn about the latest findings in autism here.
  7. Austism Street - This blog is written by a concerned father who is rearing an autistic child. A skeptical man, he tries to cut through the "quackery" this is sometimes rampant in the autism community.
  8. Dr. Chris' Autism Journal - The doctor who writes this blog is a licensed psychologist and board certified behavior analyst specializing in autism and related disorders. This is a very informative resource by a noted expert.
  9. Discussing Autism - Join blogger Marcie in frank and compassionate discussions on all thing related to autism. This site is especially useful for parents of young children on the spectrum.
  10. The Joy of Autism - Author Estee Klar-Wolfond is the founder of The Autism Acceptance Project. Her son, Adam is the inspiration for this touching blog.
  11. Joy's Autism Blog - This blog is written by Joy, the mother of several children, including one with autism. Here, Joy relays the trials and tribulations of rearing an autistic child.
  12. Natural Variation - This blogger believes that the rise of autism is not by the hands of mankind but by nature. It is a fascinating look at autism that takes a look at hard facts and science.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is a serious condition that affects many people. Below are some well-written blogs that can be useful to those suffering from extreme mood swings.

  1. Been Broken - A thoughtful and touching personal blog, this chronicles the ups and downs that accompany bipolar disorder.
  2. Beyond Meds - This chronicles one person's journal off psychiatric medications. It deals with the withdrawals of medication, as well as the effectiveness of alternative treatments.
  3. BradFidler.net - Brad Fidler is a witty and insightful writer on many topics. However, he is well known for his candid (and often funny) notes on dealing with bipolar disorder.
  4. caught in my burble - This is a unique perspective on bipolar disorder to say the least. The author is described as "your neighborhood misanthropic, buxom, bondage-positive, bipolar, bisexual, flying, loquacious hedonist. Now with VNS capabilities."
  5. I Am Bipolar - This blog offers "random scribblings from a bipolar mind." It is touching and personal, as well as useful to those looking for support.
  6. John McManamy's SharePosts - This is a well-known and respected resource for information on bipolar disorder. McManamy has actually been awarded a Mogens Schou Award for Public Service for his work in the area.
  7. Living the Scientific Life - Here, a writer known as GirlScientist writes about her academic career in science, as well as her struggles with mental health. This is a renowned blog for both its poignant writing and beautiful imagery.
  8. The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive - Many people look to this useful and moving blog for thoughts on the struggle with bipolar disorder.
  9. Sue Bergeson's SharePosts - Here, noted expert and advocate Sue Bergeson writes on all things concerning bipolar disorder.
  10. Time for Your Meds - This emotional and deeply personal blog is written by a bipolar lesbian nurse, known as "Crazy Tracy."
  11. The Trouble With Spikol- Liz Spikol writes this funny and poignant blog about her experiences with bipolar disorder. She is also a contributing editor of Philadelphia Weekly.


The blogs below explore each author's personal or professional experience with depression.

  1. a beautiful revolution - Here, Andre Jordan offers his "depression doodles," which express his ever-changing moods. Funny, thoughtful and brilliant, this is a fun blog to check out regularly.
  2. Beyond Blue - Therese J. Borchard is a best-selling author who offers spiritual guide through depression on this fantastic blog.
  3. Commitment to Living - Here, a family psychologist offers insightful notes on suicide risk and prevention. This is a great resource for those who are affected by depression, either directly or indirectly.
  4. depression introspection - This anonymous blog is written by a young female who is suffering from bipolar disorder. Here, she focuses on the depressive state. It is personal, frank and offers some sound advice to others who suffer from depression.
  5. Depression Support Blog - This blog is part of a larger guide to depression, which operates as a a non-profit organization that caters to the needs of its visitors.
  6. My Journey With Depression - This blog is written by Addy, who suffers from bipolar disorder, depression and self harm. This is a frank and fearless personal blog that may help others in need.
  7. Optimism Software - Yes, this site actually offers "optimism software," but it is also accompanied by a thoughtful and well-written depression blog.
  8. Postpartum Progress - Mothers looking for guidance through the "baby blues" or the more serious condition of postpartum depression should consult this helpful and sensitive blog.
  9. The Pursuit of Happiness - Here, one man chronicles his battle with depression and his experience with St. John's Wort. The blog will give you a first-hand glimpse at a person's ups and downs through various treatments.
  10. save your sanity for later - The author of this blog, Erika, has been writing poignant blogs on depression since she was 12 years old. Now a grown woman, she still battles depression and offers a unique insight.
  11. Space and Time - The blog entries here are very short and poignant, offering a sometimes self-deprecating view of depression.
  12. The Splintered Mind - Douglas Cootey is currently dealing with both AD/HD and depression. Learn how he is overcoming his conditions and leading a more fulfilling life here.
  13. Walking the Black Dog - This is an anonymously written blog by someone who is overcoming depression. Although not written by a mental health expert, it does offer some very helpful advice.
  14. Wing of Madness - Wing of Madness addresses clinical depression, offering a guide to depressed readers on how to overcome their condition. The blog is just one area of a growing community.

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